Executive summary

For each company the true measure of success are satisfied customers. For us, Cravcitech, a leading national wood-processing equipment dealer, is one such customer, being with us since the beginning in 2010. Since then we developed for them several websites for the different brands they commercialise.

Our latest project meant redesigning and developing the flagship website for Cravcitech, which brings together all the brands they represent.

Case studies: Cravcitech
Case studies: Cravcitech logo

The Client

Cravcitech was founded in 2006 in Brașov, and has since then become one of the leading suppliers of wood-processing equipment in Romania.

Their ethos is providing only the best quality services, most efficient solutions and most durable and performant products to their customers, and they wanted their website to reflect this.

The Challenge

Our main challenge while designing their new website was coming up with an easy to use navigation and interface, so that the users can quickly find the product pages they are looking for. This wasn't such a straightforward task considering they have over 40 product categories nested 3 levels deep.

Other requests included driving more traffic to their website by organic search and including a newsletter module to handle all their email marketing.

Case studies: Cravcitech

The Solution

After several meetings with the client, and defining a clear information architecture, we came up with the idea of a two-tier navigation system. The main navigation lets users search products by categories, while secondary navigation layer permits searching for product by its use (purpose). Navigation is also aided by the presence of a prominent search form, which also highlights the most searched for products on focus.

The layout was created with the same principle in mind. Content is king, so the design is minimal and clear, highlighting the most important pieces of information. Extra care was put in designing the responsive layout, making sure all the crucial information is available just a tap away on mobile devices.

As for the backend, the Cravcitech website is powered by our very own Chronos CMS. This lightweight content management system makes managing website content and media a breeze. It also includes a Mailgun based newsletter module, which handles thousands of sales emails our client has to send.

Case studies: Cravcitech
Case studies: Cravcitech Sebastian Cravcenco testimonial

We again appealed to Further for our web development needs, and we weren't disappointed. As before, we found in them a serious partner, who was open and receptive to our requests and surprised us with their creativity and expertise.

Proof of this is our new website: it improved our web presence, (...) and generates sales leads. We wish that our clients become repeat customers, as this is the best measure of their satisfaction. We will definitely call on Further for our future projects, and wholeheartedly recommend them.

Sebastian CRAVCENCO, Manager

The Result

Three months after the launch of their new website, visits were up by 150% and pageviews by 360%. But besides this increase in website traffic, what was even more impressive was that the average visit duration has increased by 10 times, which translates into more people finding what they are looking for. This increase also meant an increase in online sales leads and a happy customer.

Case studies: Cravcitech
20% increase in sales leads
150% more visits
360% more pageviews
31% lower bounce rate

Technology Stack

  • Chronos
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML5
  • Mailgun

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