The ultimate electronic press kit builder for artists to manage their promotional assets.


OnePageLink is a simple and effective EPK builder. An EPK is an Electronic Press (or Promo) Kit. Artists can use their OnePageLink to pitch their act for opportunities or send approved promotional assets to events & festivals. All done with one simple link, professionally presented.

The whole purpose of OnePageLink is to make creating a promo page or EPK simple and easy for anyone. No design skills are needed! Once artists sign up for the free trial, they'll be able to quickly and effectively set up a promo page in minutes.

OnePageLink was a functioning product in 2017 when they first contacted us. Initially, we took over the maintenance and support tasks and were commissioned to develop v2 in 2018.

Key challenges and solutions

Offering continued service while migrating to a new platform

Since OnePageLink already had active users, we had to make sure there were no disruptions in the service as we moved to a new technological platform. We rewrote the entire code for the product from scratch.


We had to employ both technical and customer support solutions to overcome this challenge. Most of the content could be migrated automatically, but not all, due to technological limitations. In such situations, we closely collaborated with the OnePageLink team to communicate this to their customers and prepare them for the switch.

OnePageLink - Offering continued service while migrating to a new platform
Changing payment providers

As part of moving to a new platform, we also decided to replace the existing credit card payment provider with a more modern and cheaper solution. This raised another migration issue. How do we keep the different customer subscriptions rolling on without interruption or the need to create a new subscription?


Again, we had to tackle this issue from two sides. We wrote automated scripts to calculate the remaining days on subscriptions and move these subscriptions to the new provider. Still, we couldn't migrate credit card details, as the 3rd party providers store those.

We didn't wish to force customers to re-enter their credit card details, so we liaised with both providers to migrate the data, which was done successfully after a long chain of emails.

OnePageLink - Changing payment providers
OnePageLink Carlo Santone testimonial Carlo SANTONE Founder at OnePageLink

"They are open and friendly to work with, they will give you the time you need to explain your needs and requirements and will come up with smart and logical solutions. We are very happy with what we've built together with Further, and what we continue to come up with creatively & technically as we iterate and refine."

Key takeaways

Working with creative partners is fun, but challenging

The team of OnePageLink is made up of highly creative people. Artists, musicians, designers. This was extremely exciting as they constantly came up with bright new ideas and beautiful design solutions.

At the same time, it was also challenging, as we had to constantly revisit features that were considered done, alter them and make sure they didn't break anything else in the app (thank heavens for automated tests). All this while trying to get the product to market as quickly as possible!

Data migrations are projects in their own right

This project was very tricky from a data migration perspective. We were fortunate to have worked on similar projects before and knew it had to be given the necessary attention.

We have already gathered all the data on the platform and 3rd party systems from the get-go. Then we marked the ones that could be migrated automatically and those that couldn't and devised a step-by-step plan for migration, including communication with all stakeholders involved.

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