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Strategy & Research

What you'll get → Validated idea, Product strategy

Together, we start by exploring your vision. We'll break up your idea into problems and challenges we need to solve and then put everything back together by creating a product strategy.

One of the core activities in this phase is getting to know your users by conducting user interviews and panels to validate the concept.

Discovery Workshop Design Sprint

UX Research & Design

What you'll get → Wireframes, UI Designs

This is where we start building real, tactile representations of your concepts, then return to the users for feedback. Exciting times!

First off we create wireframes to establish information hierarchy and to give you an idea on how everything fits together. Then we add colours and interactions, finally bringing your project to life through beautiful and ergonomic UI designs.

UX audit UI Design

Digital Product Development

What you'll get → Functional prototypes (MVP), Market-ready product

If it lives in the digital space, we can build it! From no-code prototypes to further validate your concept, to a feature-rich mobile app or and AI-driven IoT solution, we've seen it all.

By using agile and design thinking methods, we are able to swiftly deliver working solutions and allow you to see measurable value right away.

No-code and low-code solutions Mobile apps Web apps SaaS products

Success stories from our pleased customers:

Centralized Brian Dubb testimonial

Further developed our MVP quickly and within budget, which led to the on-boarding of our beta testing users and another round of investment. We're very pleased to have stayed with Further for the second release.

Brian DUBB, Centralized
Brewie Attila Szegedi testimonial

Further customized their own CMS called Chronos to suit our needs. It now serves as the core of our knowledge platform. The platform is working perfectly, allowing us to store and share a huge amount of information about our machine and beer brewing.

Attila SZEGEDI, Brewie

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