We are 100% remote

We strongly believe that remote working is the future. It gives our teammates more freedom and flexibility to handle life's challenges which in turn leads to a better well-being and a happier and more productive team.

No office required

It's been a long road until we got here. We learned the hard way. But now we can be truly proud of the way we communicate and collaborate as a remote team. This allows us to work from anywhere: from home, a co-working office, a coffee shop, or even from an exotic country sipping margaritas by the pool. No office required!

Flexible schedule and unlimited holidays

We believe that work shouldn't hinder you when life throws you a curveball. That is why we have a flexible work schedule. Need to take your child to kindergarten or entertain the plumber while he fixes your clogged kitchen sink? No problem!

We also allow our colleagues to take as many sick-days or holidays as they need to. It might sound crazy at first, but who needs an employee who is inefficient because of a burnout?

Regular team retreats

Being remote also means we see each other less than regular teams. That is why we always start the year with a winter camp when we spend some time getting to know each other better and learning new stuff.

Late summer we throw in a family retreat as well for good measure, which allows us to see our teammates in a different perspective.

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Remote culture is about sharing knowledge

Further Fridays

We reserve Friday afternoons to work on something together, to discuss a current topic or spending time on cultivating team relationships.

Open source

The community has given us so much along the years. We try to give back whenever we can by contributing to community projects or releasing some of our work as open source.

Constant learning

We firmly believe that in the fast-paced IT world, you have to continuously learn to stay competitive. We attend conferences and meetups whenever possible.

Heck, we even organize some ourselves, such as the Hungarian Laravel Meetup or the local Digital Transformation meetup.

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