Lean Validation Cheat Sheet
4 steps to a successful digital product.

This free resource helps you decide which design & research techniques are most useful for validating assumptions in the different phases of product innovation.

Lean Validation Cheat Sheet

What can you do with this cheat sheet?

Make sure you don't skip any of the 4 stages of product development
Get familiarised with lean validation and the assume-build-measure-learn loop
Find out what core assumptions you should make and test regarding your product
Learn about experiments and tools that help test these assumptions
Analyze experiment results and learn about your customers and product

Who do we recommend this resource for?

Startup founders

Founders who wish to better understand their target market and minimize inherent risk.

Product managers

Product managers who want a proven, efficient and user-centered method to develop products.


Managers and executives of established businesses who are overseeing new product development in their company.


The cheat sheet was helpful, but I still have questions…

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Can I redistribute this material?

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