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Executive summary

DAI-TECH, the fast-growing company behind the nJoy brand, quickly outgrew their existing software infrastructure and needed a custom-built integrated solution. They employed us to deliver a product lifecycle management tool, created from the ground up to fit their particular needs.

Case studies: nJoy - The Hive
Case studies: nJoy - The Hive logo

The Client

DAI-TECH was founded in June 2010 around the common purpose of doing something different and better than what the market had to offer. Under the nJoy brand, they develop consumer oriented IT products meant to be sold as standalone items on the shelves of retail chains. Currently, nJoy is present in five markets including Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia.

The Challenge

Our principal challenge during this project was working together with the DAI-TECH management, IT and design teams to understand their workflow and translate this business logic into an easy to use and scalable system. This system would act as a collaboration hub between DAI-TECH, it's suppliers, service centers and distributors.

We also had to conceive a strategy to connect with pre-existing software infrastructure and slowly migrate data into their new software via custom APIs.

Case studies: nJoy - The Hive

The Solution

The end result is a tailor-made product lifecycle management tool, which permits DAI-TECH to manage the most important steps in the lifespan of their products, from development and manufacturing, to distribution and logistics.

We worked together with the nJoy design team who created the user interface, as our dedicated team developed the software backend using based on Codeigniter, a mature PHP framework, ideal for the server-side development of online systems that need to be fast, stable and available from anywhere around the world.

As the company and it's IT requirements grow, it is imperative that the system can handle the increasing amount of data and the quick development of new components. To make this possible, our software utilises a modular architecture and runs on dedicated servers, making it easily scalable. We also implemented continuous integration and continuous delivery processes, to ensure the quality and fasten the release of new features.

Case studies: nJoy - The Hive
Case studies: nJoy Adorian Demeter testimonial

I couldn't imagine how developing products would work without The Hive. Since its introduction, development of new products is 20% faster and all our data is organized and easy to manage.

Adorian DEMETER, General Manager

The Result

The Hive is a flexible system, which grows proportionally with the company. Since it's inception, more and more features have been added, and at the moment it acts as a central hub where DAI-TECH collaborates with manufacturers, suppliers, service centers and distributors. The company's workflows have become more fluid, saving time and money for our client.

Case studies: nJoy - The Hive
594 products developed
20% faster product development
65 collaborators & partners
30% productivity increase

Technology Stack

  • CodeIgniter
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • Apache
  • CI/CD

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