Centralized is the world's first web application for artist management, for self-managed artists and new-era managers.


Centralized.me is the world's first automated digital manager for emerging musicians and managers, providing them with guidance, control over their careers and connection to the music industry… so they can spend more time creating!

Centralized.me provides video content, guides, workflow checklists, email and agreement templates and budgets to help artists navigate their way through the music industry.

After working together on a successful MVP in 2018, Brian, the creator of Centralized, contacted us with the great news: they secured investment and work can begin on the full-feature version.

Key problems that we needed to address

The platform had to be scalable

Being a startup project we were hoping lots of people to start using the platform at some point in time. And based on the marketing plan, we were expecting them to start using it in huge waves.


Before writing even a single line of code, we had to take extra care in choosing the right software architecture. After careful planning we chose a system and a cloud-provider which will allow us to quickly scale up to hundreds of thousands of users.

Centralized - The platform had to be scalable
We needed to gather insights

A lot of effort went into improving the second release, based on the customer feedback we got regarding the MVP. We realised we need to put in place the necessary tools to gather even more relevant analytics.


Apart from the usual suspects like Google Analytics and Hotjar, we also worked closely together with the marketing team to set up a whole suite of tracking codes, A/B tests and feedback tools which help us continuously improve the product with relevant features.

Centralized - We needed to gather insights
Centralized Brian Dubb testimonial Brian DUBB Founder at Centralized

"Further developed our MVP quickly and within budget, which led to the on-boarding of our beta testing users and another round of investment. We're very pleased to have stayed with Further for the second release."

The key takeaway

Startup projects and corporate project are very different

Although we have worked on startup projects before and after centralized.me, few have been as fast paced. Compared to our usual corporate projects, where many decisions are slow and often fall victim to bureaucracy, this project required a completely different mindset.

We had to adjust some of our project management workflows to allow for the flexibility and quick decision making demanded by a startup project.

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