Kompozit is a field service management solution for documenting the work of service teams in an easy and efficient way.

Kompozit Field Service Management App


Kompozit is our first in-house product, created with the purpose of making fieldwork manageable through a single digital platform. Our goal was to build an app that is easy to use by anyone working in the field, and that simplifies accounting for both customers and employees.

The end product is two-part. On the one hand, there is a web application which allows for the creation and management of jobs, and is also responsible for generating detailed reports. On the other hand, there is a cross-platform mobile application which can be used in the field to accurately document the jobs done.

Within the first week after launch, Kompozit already had 3 companies onboarded on a trial period.
6 months after release, we can proudly say that our churn rate still stands at 0%!

What problems did we solve?

All the information is stored in one digital space

Let's face it. Field workers hate doing paperwork. And even if they do fill out the worksheets, they often get lost or damaged in the boot of the car. Missing worksheets lead to inaccurate reporting and hindering decisions. Incomplete worksheets may lack crucial information about the tasks performed, materials used, or work hours logged. This can lead to gaps in understanding the scope of work, making it challenging for both field workers and office staff to assess the project's progress or provide accurate billing.


With our solution every piece of information can be found and tracked in a single digital space. Digital worksheets streamline processes by allowing easy data entry, retrieval, and sharing. This enhances overall efficiency and reduces time spent searching for or recreating lost documents.

Kompozit - All the information is stored in one digital space
Real-time communication

Another issue we found during our research was that most companies do their accounting near the end of the month. Any inconsistencies or missing information in documents was really hard to remedy by this time, since nobody remembered what happened on site, weeks ago.


Kompozit enables field workers to record their working hours, material use and photo documentation which can be accessed by office staff and management instantaneously.

Kompozit - Real-time communication

Key takeaways

Never cut corners on research

Before writing a single line of code, we conducted several interviews to assess the needs of our future customers in order to create the most reliable product. This led to the creation of multiple wireframe and interactive Figma prototypes, which we used to conduct a second round of interviews. The knowledge we uncovered during these discovery sessions have led to the successful release of the product.

Balancing feature requests is not easy

One of our main challenges during the discovery phase and after beta testing was cherry picking which features to include. As customers started using the product, they immediately started generating more and more ideas for possible new features.

But since the primary selling point of Kompozit is its ease of use, we have to be extra careful when deciding which features to include. So we went back to the basics, and before developing a feature, we always create a prototype first. If client feedback is positive, we add the feature to the roadmap, otherwise it gets nipped in the bud.

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