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In the startup world speed and flexibility are essential for success. Back in 2016, Brewie were looking for a partner who can give them exactly that. Since then, we have been constantly working together on developing their product website and knowledge center, ensuring that new features are developed and deployed quickly.

Case studies: Brewie
Case studies: Brewie logo

The Client

The idea was born in 2013, when a couple of friends who used to get together and brew beer together, realised that home-brewing requires way too much time, equipment and know-how for a hobby. They decided to create a machine which can help automate this process and make home-brewing easily accessible to everyone. That is how Brewie, the world’s first fully-automated home-brewery was born.

A couple of years, a lot of pitches and a successful crowdfunding campaign later, Brewie became one of Hungary’s most successful startups. The company released an updated version of the machine in 2018 and are currently delivering to hundreds of happy customers around the world.

The Challenge

From a development standpoint, the principal challenge was to build a website that is flexible enough to adapt and extend at a moment’s notice. Content strategy was also key, as the platform serves as the main source of information for customers and partners alike.

Another important factor was the integration of the website into the company’s sales channels and marketing campaigns.

Case studies: Brewie

The Solution

We worked together with Brewie’s management, design and marketing teams to come up with the right solution to structure the information. We have broken up the platform into two different sections, a product website and a knowledge center.

The product website is the main marketing tool for the product. It is built using reusable templates and components which allows us to swiftly add new sections or change the current ones, to meet current requirements from the marketing department. Landing pages, customer acquisition and relationship forms can also be added in just a couple of minutes. All the data from these sources is then channelled into Brewie’s CRM software via an API, enabling a robust and smooth flow of information which leads to higher conversion and customer satisfaction rates.

To support the product website, we have built a knowledge center. As its name suggests, this is the main source of information, a place for news articles, user manuals and FAQ. The knowledge center also includes non-public sections for different partners, such as services centers or distributors.

The platform is powered by Chronos, our in-house CMS, which enables the staff at Brewie to easily add and edit content to both the product website and knowledge center.

Case studies: Brewie
Case studies: Brewie Attila Szegedi testimonial

Further customized an admin system called Chronos to suit our needs. It now serves as the core of our knowledge platform. The platform is working perfectly, allowing us to store and share a huge amount of information about our machine and beer brewing.

Attila SZEGEDI, Co-Founder & Head of Design

The Result

Brewie’s new product website and knowledge platform has immediately started driving traffic and sales, which have been consistently been growing since launch. Thanks to its lightweight modular design and small footprint, and a well designed server infrastructure, the system successfully handled all the traffic spikes we encountered during marketing campaigns.

Case studies: Brewie
70.000+ unique visitors / month
20+ landing pages
11.000+ subscribers
? amount of beer consumed while developing

Technology Stack

  • Chronos
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML5

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