Knowledge Center

Organise all your company know-how in one place. Share links, documents, images or FAQs so your team has easy access to information.

"Wiki" access to information

"Wiki" means quick in Hawaiian. And that's exactly what our wiki software can do for your company: it provides quick access to information. Organise your links and files in categories or labels making them easy to locate. A well-maintained knowledge center accelerates onboarding of new team members and promotes a culture of knowledge sharing within your company.

  • share links, documents or images
  • create FAQs
  • categorise and label information
  • discuss and collaborate on wiki items
Share links, documents and images in a company wiki

Not just for team members

We can develop a knowledge center that is also for your customers or partners, not just for internal use. Granular permission settings make it possible for you to decide which items are available for whom.

  • share information with customers or partners
  • set access, editing and discussion permissions on wiki items
Share know-how with customers and partners

Features we have already implemented for our clients

  • uploading, sharing and discussion of wiki information
  • frequently asked questions system
  • categories and labels system
  • wiki item and category permissions

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