Bespoke Document Management

Attach documents to anything, from people to projects or products, with our custom document management solutions.

Store your files in the cloud or on-premise

Based on your requirements, we can configure storage on physical servers at your chosen location or take advantage of cloud storage. We have experience with all the major cloud storage providers such as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Amazon AWS S3 or Box.

  • store using on-premise servers
  • or on cloud storage
Store files in the cloud or on-premise

Upload documents from multiple sources

The simplest form of uploading files to the DMS, is by importing them from your computer. Based on your needs, we can also connect to cloud services, such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Docs.

  • bulk upload files
  • connect to Office 365 or Google Docs
Upload documents from Office 365 or Google Docs

Single-click document generation

If you connect with our other solutions, you can take advantage of customisable templates to generate your work documents. For example, you can generate orders and contracts from quotes, which in turn can be transformed into invoices.

  • customisable templates
  • single-click document generation
Single-click document generation

Discuss and collaborate on documents

By choosing to integrate with our communication modules, you'll be able to share and discuss ideas related to your documents. Get notified each time somebody makes changes, adds a new message to the document or mentions you, or review discussion history on the document feed.

  • discuss and share ideas
  • receive notifications of document activity
  • document message feed
Discuss and collaborate on documents

Features we have already implemented for our clients

  • cloud storage (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Amazon S3)
  • Google Docs and Office 365 integration
  • customisable document templates
  • message feeds
  • email and push notifications

Use it together with some of our other solutions