Bespoke Product Lifecycle Management

From engineering to quality control, our custom PLM solutions help you launch new products quicker than ever.

All product information in one place

Manage all information regarding a product in one integrated document center. Bill of materials, drawings, worksheets and quality documents are versioned and stored together, allowing easy access to different departments. The software allows you to set access levels, facilitates quick communication and approvals.

  • centralised document management
  • document versioning
  • real-time collaboration
  • bill of materials
  • worksheets
Manage all product information in one place

All your partners in one place

Manage not only your customers, but your partners as well. User and role permissions enable you to give access to suppliers, manufacturers, service centers and distributors. This allows you to keep all the data regarding your products under the hood. It also facilitates a closer collaboration and faster responses between participants.

  • give your partners access
  • send them real-time notifications
  • centralised product data and history
All your partners in one place

Speed up operations with barcodes

We have a vast experience with automating software processes with the help of barcodes or QR codes. We can generate codes for any type of activity such as reception, sorting, packing, manufacturing, etc. Integrated with our time tracking module, you can also automate worksheets.

  • generate SN barcodes
  • generate QR codes for time tracking
  • use them on a tablet or scan them in the manufacturing hall
Use barcodes to speed up operations
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Features we have already implemented for our clients

  • document management and versioning
  • barcode and QR code generation
  • personalised reports
  • user and role management
  • email and push notifications

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