Custom Sales Modules

The sales modules we develop for our clients allows them to easily generate and send quotes and contracts to their customers.

Send beautiful and clear branded quotations

The sales module allows you to use tailor-made templates or add descriptions, images and additional information. You can define customer conditions and pricelist rules to compute the right prices or propose extra options or discounts to increase sales volume.

  • beautiful customisable templates
  • dynamic pricing based on specific conditions and rules
  • maximise profits by upselling
Send beautiful and clear branded quotations

Automated order and contract generation

Easily convert any quote to an order and generate a contract if necessary. If you need even more flexibility, integrate with our accounting module or document management system. In addition, the sales module can also keep track of renewal or upselling opportunities.

  • single-click order and contract generation
  • customisable contract templates
  • client sign-off with electronic signature
  • renewal or upselling opportunity notifications
Generate orders and contracts with a single click

Features we have already implemented for our clients

  • customisable document templates
  • dynamic pricing
  • single-click automated document generation
  • electronic signatures

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