Bespoke PM Software

Organise, plan and analyse your projects with our custom developed project management solutions.

Schedule and plan activities at a glance

Before we start building you the software, we go through a detailed analysis process so we understand the nature of your business, your workflow and the participants. This allows us to find the optimal way of representing your data, making it easy to get quick access to current status, urgent matters, deadlines and responsibles.

  • quickly create new tasks and assign them to a colleague
  • visualise your data on Kanban boards or on a calendar
  • track progress using GANTT or burndown charts
  • easily update statuses, deadlines and responsibilities
Schedule and plan activities at a glance

Discuss tasks and share files

Collaborate on tasks by adding notes and sharing documents, so you're always in the loop! Follow all the activity on the project or task timelines. For even more flexibility, use the PM software together with our communication modules or document management system.

  • create quick notes
  • drag and drop file sharing
  • email or push notifications
Discuss tasks and share files

Plan-ahead by budgeting your resources

We can help estimate your upcoming projects more accurately by analysing comparable past projects, real timesheets and taking into account resource availability factors, such as employee holidays. For best results, use together with our time tracking and human resources modules.

  • estimate comparing to past projects and timesheets
  • forecast your needs and resources
  • visualise the current progress and estimated deadlines
  • get alerts when your projects is running behind schedule
Plan-ahead by budgeting your resources

Features we have already implemented for our clients

  • visual boards and charts
  • task management
  • activity timelines
  • file sharing
  • email and push notifications
  • personalised reports

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