Custom CRM Software

Along the years we have developed several bespoke CRM modules for our SME and large enterprise clients, currently serving thousands of users.

Integrate different data sources

If you invest in marketing your business, you should be tracking where your customers come from. We can automate the integration with any kind of data source, which means less manual labour for your team and less lost data.

  • web forms
  • landing pages
  • email campaigns
  • social media
  • phone calls
  • referrals
  • shop purchases
  • web analytics
Integrate different data sources into your CRM

Custom sales pipelines

The structure of a sales pipeline differs from company to company and this should be represented in your CRM. By analysing and understanding your workflow we build you a software solution that mimics the specific sequence of actions needed in order to move a prospect from a new lead to a customer.

  • personalise the stages of your sales process
  • organise customers into categories
  • create multiple pipelines for different teams or departments
Create custom sales pipelines

Personalised reports

Get an overview of how you perform and use data to make better decisions. We can create beautiful visual representations of the data based on sales agents or teams, geolocation, timelines, or any other valuable statistic you may need, it all depends on your workflow and needs.

  • pipeline analysis
  • funnel reports
  • campaign reports
  • conversion rates
  • forecasting
Generate personalised reports

Features we have already implemented for our clients

  • personalisable user profiles (fields and filters)
  • lead generation and follow-up
  • custom sales pipelines
  • campaign management
  • mass email sending
  • personalised reports
  • email and push notifications
  • auto-sync contact book
  • third-party service integrations

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