Tailored Communication Solutions

By using our integrated modules, you can communicate and share ideas more efficiently with your teams, partners or customers.

Engage in conversation

Discuss projects or documents with your colleagues. We can integrate our solutions anywhere, allowing you to chat and share files in private and group conversations. Granularly set notification preferences, so you only receive email or push notifications from starred conversations or if you're mentioned.

  • chat and message while switching windows
  • integrate with any other solution
  • share files
  • create group channels
  • mention other users to get their attention
  • star favourite conversations
  • email and push notifications
Engage in conversation

Harness the power of email

You can use our emailing solutions both for internal company announcements and for marketing purposes towards your customers. We can create customisable templates for you, so you can send transactional emails and newsletters in just a couple of minutes.

  • customisable email templates
  • company announcements
  • scheduled emails
  • mailing lists
  • email notifications
Send company announcements

Create appealing email marketing campaigns

Use our beautiful templates and customise them with engaging content to start generating leads. You can improve your success rate by segmenting your database and sending to targeted groups, A/B testing emails, but also by tracking each campaign with accurate and real-time statistics.

  • beautiful customisable email templates
  • optimally displayed on every device
  • target groups by location, date and more
  • A/B testing
  • accurate reports and analytics
  • sign-up widgets
  • opt-out function
Create email marketing campaigns

Organise your work with notes and to-do lists

We can integrate our notes and to-do lists module with any other of our solutions, so you can connect notes and to-do lists to anything: people, documents or products. Boost your productivity by sharing and collaborating with your team.

  • quickly create notes
  • have to-do list at your fingertips
  • connect with people, documents or products
  • share and collaborate
  • get notified when a task is due
Organise your work with notes and to-do lists

Features we have already implemented for our clients

  • chat and messaging windows
  • messaging and email groups
  • email and push notifications
  • responsive email templates
  • email marketing campaigns
  • email analytics
  • notes and to-do lists

Use it together with some of our other solutions