Custom Purchase & Inventory Modules

Enhance your supply chain with our bespoke solutions for supplier and purchase order management.

Power to suppliers

Manage not only your customers, but your partners as well. User and role permissions enable you to give them access to other modules, such as the purchases module. This way they get notified of requests for quote (RfQ) and can answer them immediately.

  • give your suppliers access
  • send them real-time notifications
  • allow them to respond to RfQs
Give suppliers access to respond to RfQs directly

Order at the best prices

We can develop your purchase software in a way that allows you to give direct or API access to your vendors, so they can upload their price lists and product availability. This allows you to make the smartest purchases based on quantities and discounts. You can also launch purchase tenders to multiple vendors and compare their offers.

  • allow supplier to upload price lists and stocks
  • launch purchase tenders
  • compare the best offers
Manage supplier price lists and compare the best prices

Never lose track of your inventory

Track every move, from purchase to warehouse to sales order. We make sure beautiful visual dashboards always give you a quick overview of your inventory and warehouses. If you find dashboards are not detailed enough, you can generate in-depth reports anytime at a click of a button.

  • track every stock move
  • manage multiple warehouses
  • enjoy customisable dashboards
  • get all the information from detailed reports
Always know where your inventory is

Features we have already implemented for our clients

  • user and role management
  • email and push notifications
  • API access for 3rd party partners
  • purchase tenders
  • warehouse management
  • customisable dashboards
  • personalised reports

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