Custom HR Management

From leaves, expenses and reviews, consolidate all your employee information with our human resources solutions.

Leave management

We can develop a complete leave management solution, allowing your employee to log request for holidays, paid time off or sick leaves. Your managers will be able to approve, refuse or add notes to requests. If you integrate with our other solutions, such as the PM module, we can use this data to make more accurate forecasts regarding timelines.

  • log leave requests
  • approve or decline requests
  • take leaves into account when forecasting timelines
Leave management

Expense management

By developing a bespoke solution for expense management, your employees will be able to submit and justify their expenses and even attach copies of receipts. After this, your management team will be able to approve or reject individual expenses. If you connect with our accounting module, approved expenses will automatically appear in your reports.

  • log expense requests
  • approve or reject requests
  • keep digital copies of receipts
  • log expenses into accounting
Expense management

Employee evaluation

Set up an employee evaluation calendar for management reviews, peer reviews or self-evaluations. We can help develop online questionnaires or surveys for your employees to take. Automate the entire process, so you can concentrate on people, not administrative tasks.

  • schedule evaluations
  • fill online questionnaires and surveys
  • analyse results
Employee evaluation

Features we have already implemented for our clients

  • leave management
  • expense management
  • company calendars
  • questionnaires and surveys

Use it together with some of our other solutions