MVP Development

Ship your products faster with Further.


Discovery is the most important phase of building a software product. This is when we assess your business needs and requirements and plan the next steps in the process.

  • understanding requirements
  • prioritizing features
  • creating user journeys
MVP discovery

Prototyping and testing

A prototype is a visual representation of how the digital product will look, feel, and interact in it's final version. Going through loops of feedback and revisions with prospective users, we optimize the prototype. As nothing has been coded yet, it's relatively cheap and easy to make changes at this stage.

  • give users control
  • validate business ideas
  • gather feedback
  • improve product
MVP prototyping

Design and develop

This one's pretty self-explanatory. Once the concepts are validated, our designers will bring your prototypes to life, while the development team will choose the right architecture for your software product. Let the coding commence!

  • mobile development
  • web development
  • UX and UI design
MVP design and development

Analyse and evolve product

Onboard your customers and observe how they interact with your app. We'll help you analyse the feedback and metrics, and make adjustments to improve your product. We make sure our apps are easy to change, so in case the numbers show the need, we can quickly make radical changes to help you pivot.

  • measure
  • improve
  • pivot
MVP evolution