Mobile App Development

Working with corporations and startups, we have delivered several native and hybrid applications.

Native development

If performance is a factor, then native mobile development is the way to go. Our mobile developers can build your iOS and Android apps, including features such as geolocation, social media integration, push notifications, camera actions, accelerometer/gyro, bluetooth, etc.

  • iOS development: Swift, Objective-C
  • Android development: Java, Kotlin
  • smartwatch solutions
  • app store management
Native development

Hybrid development

For more budget-conscious applications we can also offer hybrid app development. Through specialised SDKs which enable native features such as camera, events or notifications, we can easily create cross-platform applications, or turn websites into mobile apps.

  • Flutter
  • ReactNative
  • Cordova
  • Electron
Hybrid development

User experience

Whether you choose to develop a native or hybrid app, the key to a successful mobile application is the user experience it offers. We work with some of the best UX designers who can help transform your idea into a hit on the App or Play store.

  • mobile UX
  • information architecture
  • usability testing
  • accessibility testing
Mobile UX