Chronos CMS

Custom Websites with Chronos

We can build you beautiful, responsive, fast and SEO-ready landing pages and websites with the help of our very own headless CMS - Chronos.

No technical skills required

Every page is basically a template. We provide you with a simple and intuitive interface to manage your content. Just upload your content and images and watch your website take shape.

  • create content with a simple Markdown editor
  • save content as a draft and publish it later
  • SEO-ready: easily add titles and descriptions
  • upload images to a media library so you can reuse them later
  • upload one size image and let Chronos create thumbs on-the-fly
Manage your content on a simple an intuitive interface

Analyse results

Chronos makes it easy to analyse click-through and conversion rates. Optimise the targeting of your website or create A/B tests to determine which method brings in the most results.

  • track click-through rates
  • track conversion rates
  • A/B tests
  • multivariate tests
Track click-through and conversion rates

Multilingual out-of-the-box

Chronos enables you to add as many languages as you wish for your website. Adding a new language is easy, just check a box in settings and you're ready to upload your content. Wunderbar!

  • add a new language with just a few clicks
  • translate content and static strings of text
  • keep track of untranslated content
Add as many languages as you wish for your website

Headless, but not like a chicken

Chronos is a headless CMS. A headless or decoupled CMS is basically a backend-only system which makes content accessible via an API. This means it is completely frontend-agnostic, which has several advantages: you can use any programming language to build the frontend or even generate static pages. You can also easily connect it to other websites or a mobile app.

  • use any programming language on the frontend
  • generate static websites
  • connect to other websites or apps
  • well-documented API
Take advantage of the decoupled architecture