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Accelerate your company into a new digital world.

Most businesses get sucked into the daily grind sooner or later. When your primary focus is on day-to-day operations and profits, it's tough to find time to plan ahead.

It's never been more important to adapt to the ever-changing demands of a digital world. Together with our partners, we combine the best of business, creative and technology, allowing us to deliver next generation products and services for our clients.

Our process begins by exploring your company's strategy, processes and vision for the future. Once we know what we're aiming for, we'll help you bridge the gap by adopting the right culture and processes.

Transformation starts with the people. It requires the right mindset. Technology only functions as the enabler.

Our digital transformation services:

Digital transformation - Innovation consulting


The fastest growing companies leverage emerging technology to transform their business and industries. We can navigate you through the sea of buzzwords and exploit the right technology for the most gains.

  • Cloud transformation
  • AI and machine learning
  • Big data
  • Business intelligence
  • Data strategy
Digital transformation - Operational efficiency


One of the most important functions of a digital transformation project is to deliver your products or services to your customers in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Our consultants will guide you through an inside-out approach to streamline business process and achieve greater operational efficiency.

Digital transformation - Business agility


It's one thing to have a great strategy, it's a whole other thing to implement the necessary changes. This is where agile comes in. Agile embraces change.

Our partnering agile consultants will gradually introduce agile tools and techniques, allowing your company to innovate faster.

Digital transformation - UX and service design

UX and
service design

Service design is a holistic and outside-in approach to find solutions to the complex problems your business faces. It's final goal is to bring a better experience to your customers and even your own team.

  • UX research
  • Design thinking workshop facilitation
  • Customer experience (CX) design
  • Employee experience (EX) design
Digital transformation - Change management


For digital transformation projects to be successful, an organizational change and even a cultural shift is necessary to continuously challenge the status-quo, be disruptive with experimenting and get comfortable with failure.

We can prepare and support your team along this journey, so they can quickly adopt the innovative mindset.

Clients who already reshaped their businesses:

nJoy - The Hive Adorian Demeter testimonial

I couldn't imagine how developing products would work without The Hive. Since its introduction, development of new products is 20% faster and all our data is organized and easy to manage.

Adorian DEMETER, nJoy
Harborsz Edina Bakk testimonial

For us the greatest advantage of the Harborsz Logistic software is that it's a complete, integrated solution. We no longer have to carry-out our daily operations by switching between different systems and email.

This greatly reduced the frequency of errors and increased productivity.

Edina BAKK, Harborsz Logistic